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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: officials here from northeast detectives say they have cell phone video and surveillance video of the fight but it's unclear if the high school students involved in the initial fight were also involved in the beating of the school officers. either ways they want the help of the public in this case. ahmed farook says the fight started outside of his pizza shop. >> i tried to break up the fight but too many guys were in there. i when inside and called 911. >> farook tells us it started with a fight with two teenagers from northeast high school. it escalated when two school police officer as rived. as the officers were breaking up the fight two unidentified men jumped in and started to punch the officers, the adult suspects ran away and the officers were left in need of medical attention. >> one officer has a broken jaw
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and another has bruising. we'll work close to get witness statements and find them. >> so far no suspects are identified. farook remains hopeful that this case will soon be solved. >> this is scary. especially in this neighborhood. it's a quiet neighborhood. >> one again the one officer is reportedly punched in the face and knocked to the ground and the other had his jaw broken and lost some teeth. he needed surgery at temple hospital. reporting live walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a police officer was taken away by ambulance this afternoon after a crash in strawberry mansion. it happened at 4:30 at 25th and diamond. investigators say that the officer's cruiser was rear ended by a minivan and that pushed the cruiser into the red car.
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the officer briefly lost consciousness but was able to get out of cruiser but with the help of emergency responders the driver of the other vehicles are okay. >> the search continues tonight for a prisoner that escaped from a prison in cumberland county. authorities noticed that 38-year-old arthur buckle was missing during a head count at the hospital unit of bay side state prison this morning. the facility is located in hammonton. buckle was serving time for aggravated assault. he could face an additional three to five years once captain toured . the facade fell off a three story home along long shore avenue. this is lawndale in philadelphia and a homeowner inside said she heard the front of her home literally tear ago way. it's not clear what triggered
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the collapse, lni deemed the home unsafe. it will be three weeks tomorrow when 40,000 verizon workers went out on strike. are they any close toward a settlement? vernon odom is outside in center city philadelphia. >> reporter: it appears they are farther apart than ever before. the unions rejected what verizon calls their last, best final offer. >> it's chilly and damp at 5th and walnut picket line. the same for verizon workers from new england and new york and down to the mid-atlantic states. the management has cut off their health benefits and they say they are battling for job security. >> we are ready to stay out as long as it takes, these are our jobs and we are fighting to keep
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them here. >> they continue to negotiate in center city with verizon. contracts with the union workers of america and the brotherhood of electrical workers ran out last summer and they say that verizon farmed out jobs to low wage workers especially over seas. >> the work generated from the customers here in pennsylvania and philadelphia, should remain here for people to perform in pennsylvania and here in philadelphia and not sent to india and china and the philippines. >> this statement from verizon management. we offered 7.5% pay rages and health care at a reasonable cost and we are trying to be fair to all parties involved and to remain competitive. >> we want good jobs. good union jobs, they are trying to ship our work overseas and trying to contract work out and send them out of state for months at a time. all we want is what we have.
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>> jim, tonight the negotiators remain lodged in a center city hoe hotel. they met for a brief time this morning. >> thank you vernon. also, in philadelphia a group of janitors protested outside a pharmaceutical conference in society hill. they are demanding to be rehired by teva pharmaceutical. calling for them to give them their jobs back. they released a statement saying the janitors were employed by a janitor and did not have the ability to fire them. a jury is seated in the trial of chaka fattah. the 59-year-old is accused of accepting brides and misusing campaign funds and federal grants, fattah maintains his innocence and the completion of
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jury selection comes after the screening of hundreds of pro tense jurors. authorities still don't know why there is an oil sheen on the schuylkill river in center city philadelphia. u.s. coast guard officials say it could be a runoff from cars, at this time the environmental potential agency is not involved in the investigation. the economic reality of 2016 have apparently intruded upon a religious order around for 125 years. the buck county home of her order has to be sold. "action news" reporter sara bloomquist has the story. >> reporter: the 44 acre property in bensalem township is long been the home for the sisters. the blessed sacrament, the religious order founded by st. catherine drexel in 1881.
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the property they know as the mother house must be sold. >> it comes with a heavy heart but the decision has to be made now. >> at one time 600 sisters called the mother house home. now more than half are retired. the order needs the proceeds of this property and another in virginia to carry on the mission and care for aging nuns. >> when god closes one door another door opens. what the future will be we don't know yet. >> katherine drexel was the second person to be cannonized. from a prominent philadelphia family she was laid to rest in 1955 now a national shrine that draws visitors year round. vincent patco came to plan a memorial service for his wife
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who died on thursday. >> i was shocked. >> st. catherine drexel's remains will be brought to the basilica of saints peter and paul in philadelphia. the shrine will welcome visitors through the year 2017 and the sisters will oversee the sail of this property and they want a say on who takes over this historic and holy place. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." philadelphia plans to shine brightly for the democratic national convention and that includes the city's iconic landmarks. all the lights on boathouse row will be replaced by the time delegates flock to the city at the end of july and the fairmont park conservancy will spend $40,000 on the project. coming up on "action news" tonight. beach goers in three shore towns
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can now by badges with their smart phones. the first of 2300 citizen soldiers from the new jersey national guard get their humanitarian medals for sandy. i'll have the story coming up. sky 6 hd in cape may showing plenty of clouds and shades of gray and i'll time out the next round of rain and let you know when blue skies return in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. and ducis rogers with the latest on the sam bradford saga when "action news" continues. than playing all about the bens with top prizes of a hundred grand? winning, ...on the spot. play all about the bens from the pennsylvania lottery,
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and you could win.... ...on the spot. keep on scratchin' narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator
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toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics. buying beach badges just went high tech in three south
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jersey towns. there is now an app for that. sea isle city, longport and ventnor are rolling out the online payment option allowing people to buy tags on the spot using their smart phones and used to purchase badges at preseason discounted prices. new at 6:00, the state of knowledge is paying tribute to the men and women of the new jersey national guard who came to the rescue after super storm sandy. new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic has the story in lawrenceville. >> when sandy hit in 2012, 246,000 homes werer damaged or destroyed and 2.7 million people were without power. the national guard were called in to set up kitchens and rescues. and they are painting the
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humanitarian service metals on the 2300 soldiers and air man that responded after sandy. >> it's my privilege to say thank you on behalf of a grateful state and to thank every single one of you for all being ready always there. >> and they were, under terrible conditions. >> we were looking for survivors because we were flying up and down the coast, we didn't know if there were people stranded in houses that were floating in the water. >> making sure the individuals were fed and clothed and the conditions were considered sanitary. >> it was different than anything we have done before. >> moving people and supplies and equipment was a challenge for the guard members some of who responded even though their own homes were flooded. >> i think super storm sandy was probably the worst thing to hit new jersey but the finest hour for the national guard in this state. >> humbling to see how much the
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people were giving back to us. >> this is the first of many ceremonies, more will follow until the 2300 citizens of the national guard get their medals for sandy. >> they could say i'm doing my job ma'am. we need to say thank you. so the state of new jersey is. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." dozens of local holocaust survivors connected today over lunch, came together to mark the day of liberation the day of hitler's control in germany. they even did a little dancing themselves. the community dancing and services hosted the event at beth elin wynnewood. >> 29 u.s. citizens were sworn in this morning during a nation nationalization ceremony. they came from bangladesh and haiti and other countries.
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officials were there to welcome the new citizens after they all took the oath of allegiance.
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the situation looks like it is getting worse, not better. >> who knows how this will end. the eagles are as firm as they are consistent. sam bradford can ask for a trade all he wants. bradford remains upset they chose a quarterback a few weeks after they signed him. he doesn't plan on attending anymore preseason workouts and is not returning calls from team personnel. >> we have been very clear publically and privately we were going to take a young quarterback. at the end of the day it was a priority for us and we needed to get one in here we were going to develop. when we signed sam we told him he was our starting quarterback and told him about the trade before the trade happened.
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we have to do what is in the best interest of our team. that is our job. these things have a way of working themselves out. someone told me a long time ago don't worry about what happens in april worry about august and september. >> he made it clear he would like a trade, is that something you would consider going forward? >> no, we are going to do what is in the best interest of our team. if anything makes us better we'll look at it. >> guess who graces the cover of "sports illustrated." eagles top pick carson wentz. i wonder if sam bradford is canceling his subscription. >> the senior forward of villanova has withdrawn his name from the nba draft. jenkins averaged 23.6 baskets
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per game. he explained his decision to stay in school. >> i was in contact with my family and with the coaches here and it was important to my family that i graduate and finish college and get my degree and get better and improve and give myself a better chance next year. tonight aaron nola gets the ball and comes off a dominant performance against washington last week. finally tonight college softball. check out the left fielder. marylandy makes a sweeping catch and later in the same game a foul ball that she does not quit on against the fence. they won it 7-6. one of his professors calls her the athletic girl. some nascar sprint cup --
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tried their hand at luck in wilmington. the annual charity softball game. team pocono, and it was a chance for both tracks to promote their upcoming seasons.
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still drizzling out there? >> yes, cloudy and cool. >> how long will this go on? >> into the weekend pretty much. it should be gradually improving over the weekend. we have more of the same. not heavy rain though. let me show you.
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storm tracker 6 -- a little bit of drizzle here and there. the action cam showing that there are plenty of clouds out there. city hall with the backdrop of the gray skies and it's a while before we get the return of blue skies and sunshine. the good news is, we need this rain, april we had less than 2 inches of rain. 1.75 wrare making up forrer it quickly. 1.22, so for the year an inch and a half below normal. we could get close to that over the next three days. future tracker 6 showing rain the next three days, anywhere from .75 inch of rain to a 1.5 inch. and we have more rain on the way and more cool temperatures. right now the temperatures are stuck in the 50s and they are there all day. our high 59 and low 56 and 57 in philadelphia, allentown 55 and
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cape may 55 and trenton 54 and wilmington 58 degrees, temperatures going nowhere. satellite 6 along with action radar along with action radar, we have the steady rain earlier this morning and that has moved on if you look south in northern virginia, there is severe weather and that is all heading to the southeast, that may clip sussex county, delaware. tonight plainly clouds and damp and fog and temperatures holding around 50 degrees, 49 in the lehigh valley. and future tracker 6 showing tomorrow more of the same, lots of clouds at 7:00 for the morning rush we'll have showers generally west of philadelphia and lunch time a round of rain along the i-95 corridor and then evening along the shore and through the week we have the cutoff low. what this means is it is cut off from the jet stream, a river of air that pushes storms along
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quickly and this low meanders. and wednesday across the great lakes and thursday over kentucky and friday over the virginia coast and with this trough this big dip the jet stream we stay on the cold side with rounds of rain. not looking pretty through the end of the work week. tomorrow it's cool with showers and the high only 59 degrees and thursday cloudy with more showers and 62 and friday periods of rain, 60 and friday is the wettest time period and future tracker showing at 9:30 heavy rain through the western suburbs and heading into the weekend we do improve gradually, i don't want to say saturday will be completely bright and sunny, we'll see some clouds and some sunshine and 71 degrees, likely we'll see some showers, best chance looks late in the day on saturday into sunday morning as the cold front moves through some mothers day morning
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showers and then sunshine in the afternoon and look at this next week, monday sun and clouds with a high of 72 and tuesday maybe complaining it's too warm, partly sunny and high of 76 degrees, we'll break out of this weather pattern it's just going to take until over the weekend. >> i'll complain about it. >> i know you will. some philadelphia teachers were honored this afternoon as part of national teacher appreciation day. mayor jim kenney joined superintendant william hite at the prince theater, 58 teachers were honored today. each was nominated by their colleagues and studentses. abc world news is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17. with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and then please join us for a special report on channel 6.
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the troubleshooters are on the hunt of a medical mistake. >> this is don from south philadelphia, he is battling a brain tumor and he came to me because he was battling a huge hospital bill for treatment. we'll have results and how you can get help with surprise bills. and for cecily tynan and ducis rogers, oh birthday boy ducis rogers. and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, several breaking stories. the voting under way in indiana. will donald trump deliver his final knockout? and what trump said about ted cruz's father. the jfk says yags. and this mysterious photo. our reporter, one-on-one with ted cruz's father, outraged tonight. the horror playing out on a city bus, hijacked today. and tonight, police now pouring over this disturbing video. the bus driver attacked, passengers fleeing. the armed suspect taking off behind the wheel, and then making a deadly turn. deadly attack tonight. isis killing an american, a nayvilnay vil i have s.e.a.l. martha raddatz standing by. dramatic lightning strikes, giant hail. trees crushing cars and crashing into homes. millions in the threat zone this evening. and major new devel


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